2016-17 Co-op planning

We are looking for teachers for next year's co-op  Co-op will be on Wednesdays starting on August 10.  High school will meet weekly for 16 weeks and Nursery through 8th grade will meet every other week for 8 weeks.  If you are interested in teaching, please contact Patti Hunt at the RHUP office.

Our classes so far are as follows:

Nursery - Teacher Needed

PreK - Teacher needed

K-1st grade - Teacher Needed

2nd - 4th grade - Brandi Dye - Elementary Literature

2nd - 5th grade - Sherri Lyon - Astronomy

2nd - 5th grade - Health/Food/Nutrition

5th to 8th grade - Chris Golden - Medal of Honor (History and Character Development)


4th to 8th grade - Patti Hunt - Geography Club (will meet once a month)

2nd to 4th grade - Brandi Dye - American Girl Club (will meet once a month)


High School Classes

9am-9:55 Susan Lemley - Latin II (Latin I is a prerequisite)

9am-9:55 Teacher? - Bible

10am-10:55 Terri Smith - Chemistry

10am-10:55 Debbi Swinford - General Science (This class is open to 7th and 8th grade students as well as high school)

11am-11:55 - Susan Lemley - Ballroom Dancing

12:45-1:45 Susan Lemley - Government