New RHUP Administrator Announced

We are pleased to announce our new homeschool administrator, Mrs. Patti Hunt.  We are excited about the decision, and look forward to the upcoming school year and beyond.


If you have not turned in your grades for this last quarter, you may turn them in to Patti.  You may email them to, mail them to RCA School, or drop them by the school.  Riverside Umbrella has a mail box in the office, so if you are used to dropping your grades and paperwork by the school, that will not change.


Patti's office hours at the school will be  Tue, Wed, Thur 9-11:30 beginning June 23. She will not be in the week of June 30 (4th of July week) or the week of July 21, but will work from her home those weeks and will meet in the office by appointment.

Regular office hours will begin the week of August 4 and are not yet determined.